Why Unique Photos Are Your Secret Weapon in Geelong.

Have you noticed how so many businesses are using similar images in their marketing? The days of staged stock photos or the same image taken by a different person are gone. People are craving authenticity and originality. Consumers are looking for that one business that stands out and is different. (Have you noticed how the Aldi. Good. Different campaign has started a trend in advertising?) Unique Photos Are Your Secret Weapon.

Consumers want to see images that are visually stunning, thought-provoking, and memorable. How, though, can a single image help a business and set it apart from their competitors?

* Increased engagement: People are more likely to stop and pay attention to an image that is different from the norm.

* Improved brand recall: Unique images create a stronger association between your brand and the emotions and ideas they evoke.

* Enhanced brand perception: Unique images can help you project a more modern, innovative, and forward-thinking image.

* Greater competitive differentiation: When you stand out from the crowd, it’s much easier for potential customers to remember you.

That brings me to the Flying Souvlaki image you see below. My client needed a high impact image. One that would a) make people stop and look, b) make them want to eat what they saw and c) make reference to their Greek heritage. Most of the components of this image were photographed individually and then put together to create a visually stunning image that made you stop and take a look. So, stop and ask yourself. How can your business ever stand out from all the others, especially when everything looks the same?

So what’s the trick?

Normally, I would say piece of cake but, in this case, it’s a piece of Souvlaki. The trick is to use images that are authentic to you and your business. Stand out from an over crowded market place with IMAGE TO BRAND Photography. “POWERFUL IMAGES” For Professional Impact

A product photography taken by Image to Brand Photography in Geelong of a flying souvlaki.

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