How much does a corporate headshot cost?

“How much does a corporate headshot cost?” That’s probably the number one asked question when I receive an enquiry from a potential client. It also happens to be the number one mistake that people make when booking for a corporate headshot session.

People see a headshot as an easy photo. After all, don’t you just sit there and they take a head and shoulders photo of you? It can’t be that hard, can it? Well the answer is simply, no, there’s a lot more to it than just a head and shoulders photo. You see, every person is different. Every person has different skin tones, different size nose, different body shape, some have glasses, others don’t. Some people like smiling, others hate it and, more importantly, some people are comfortable in front of a camera and others can’t stand it. The list can go on for ever. So putting everyone into the same boat and thinking that you just sit there, is a big mistake.

Unfortunately, a lot of photographers don’t take all these things into consideration when photographing a person. Many photographers see it as a quick shot that will make them money. All these little things add up though and in turn, will make you look good or bad in your photo.

You can have a headshot taken for $50. You can also have a headshot taken for $600. So why would you choose a $600 photographer over one that charges $50? Each photographer has a good camera and possibly decent lighting. They both have a social media page with loads of followers. So what’s the difference? Why would you, as a business owner, pay extra for seemingly the same thing?

When Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, do you think people looked at it and said “I know someone who could do that same painting for less”? Unlikely. You see, the difference is in the details. In most cases, it’s the small details that people don’t see, but make a big difference.

A good corporate headshot.

corporate headshot in Geelong by Image to Brand Photography

What makes a good corporate headshot great isn’t the camera, but rather the way that the photographer poses you, lights you and brings out the best in you. A camera won’t do that and a photographer that gets you to sit there while they take a head and shoulders shot won’t do that either. This is where the dollar value becomes almost irrelevant. But how do you know whether a photographer is going to be able to do all that before you make a booking?

The answer is simple. You make a telephone call. In the age of email and social media, pick up the phone and call the person you are thinking of booking. If you’ve checked out their website and socials, and you like what you see, then the only thing left is to actually speak with that person. Sending an email won’t tell you whether the photographer is right for you! Why? Because so many businesses (and I don’t mean just photographers) cut and paste their responses.

The right photographer for you will make you feel comfortable on the phone. They can also guide you with things such as what the best outfit to wear is for your business. The right photographer for you will have a tool box full of advice and questions that they’ll ask you. They create a session that’s exclusive to you and not a run of the mill session which everyone fits into.

How much should I pay?

How much does a corporate headshot cost in Geelong

All this advice doesn’t answer your question though of how much a headshot will cost. Obviously you’ll have a budget, just don’t have a budget that’s so low that you’ll end up paying to have the images redone because you don’t like them. If you don’t believe that will happen, then consider this.

A large number of the people I photograph have come to me because they don’t like the headshot they had taken the first time around. Before you ask, no, I’m not priced at $600 but I’m not $150 either. The best advice I can give you is to discuss the session with the photographer you choose. Also, make sure you know exactly what you’ll receive as the final product. This is very important because some people will charge you a fee, but the finished files are extra.

Finally, make sure you get a say in choosing your final images. As silly as it sounds, I’ve heard of people not having a say in which images they receive. If you stick to the above, you’ll go a long way to receiving your perfect headshot.

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