Should I have a corporate photo of myself on my website?

Should I have a corporate photo of myself on my website? I had a discussion recently with a client who has a small business. His question was “How can I make my website more personal? The photos I have on there don’t look personal enough”. We had a look at his website and all of the images were of his products. Some had been taken with his phone once the product was ready to deliver. I must say, they looked pretty ordinary.

So what should I do?

So the first thing I recommended was to have a corporate portrait of himself on either the Home page or on the About Us page. His reaction was “No Way! Why would I want to do that? People don’t want to see me.” That’s where a lot of people are wrong, customers (and potential customers) do want to see you. People like to see who they’re dealing with or who they’re talking to on the phone when they first make an enquiry. We often forget that people connect with people, they don’t connect with a business. It’s the people in the business that they want to connect with. The one’s they’ll be talking to or the person that they’ll see when they visit the premises. By seeing you or, if you’re part of a bigger company, the person who will take their call, they make a connection.

So take the time to look over your website but look at it from a clients perspective. If your website doesn’t have your portrait on there, or that of your staff, then I’d be inclined to consider it. Keep in mind though to not cut corners by taking the photos on your phone. Customers can tell the difference! If you’re not sure, visit my site and I can do a review for you. So should you have a corporate photo on your website? The answer is a big Yes!