Product Photography

I recently photographed a range of new products, with a whole heap more coming soon, for Ananda Goods. Not only do they have a great range of products but 5% of the sale of every candle is donated to Family Violence support agencies and resources.

Who are Ananda?

Ananda Goods follows the ethos that the body benefits from movement, and the mind from stillness. Our range is curated to promote wellness and movement, mindfulness and nourishment. So we try to consider the whole person – whether it be for taking time for yoga and exercise, beach, bath or downtime with a beautiful candle and a book. We’re also big campaigners for the environment and curate our goods with environmental impact at the forefront of decision making.
We are purely an online business so our imagery is our whole brand and tells the whole story of who we are. We very much love the idea of selling the connection or feeling of the goods we’re selling – eg how you use them or integrate them into your life – rather just the product itself. People quite often buy based on their emotional connection to the image they see.

Why did you choose Image to Brand Photography?

We’ve worked with Image To Brand Business Photography for many years and love his professional yet laid back approach. Our ‘models’ are family members and not necessarily used to being in front of the camera but Ric made it fun and ensured they were comfortable – which was perfect because we wanted relaxed, candid, ‘in the moment’ shots. We love the result and can’t wait to do our next shoot with our new products!

You can connect with Ananda Goods here:

Woman lying on her back with a pink elastic yoga band around her legs
Photograph of a female in a yoga pose while being photographed in Geelong by Image to Brand Photography for the launch of a new product range.