Do you find that you post a photo to your social media pages only to find one or two people liking the photo? It can become so frustrating knowing that you have a great product or service, only to find that your competitors are the ones getting all the engagement.

Here’s a little secret for you. People are time poor! If they see something they like, they’ll stop and look but if an image doesn’t capture their attention, they just scroll on. By posting quality imagery, you’ll force people to stop and take notice. And you know what happens if hey like your photo? Their friends see that they’ve liked your photo which in turn increases the number of people that see your product or service. But that all starts with posting the right type of image, not just anything that you snap with your phone.

But before we do that, let’s do a quick analysis of the images you’re using to see if they can be improved. Fill in your details and I’ll have a look at your website and give you an idea of how it can be improved.

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