Improve your social media presence using two simple tricks.

Are you ready to improve your social media presence but your just not quite sure where to start? It’s easier than you may think, but it does take a little planning.

If you’re starting 2021 with the same image content that you were using last year (or even worse, straight out of your phone) then the only thing that’s changed so far is the date! 2020 was the year where we all stayed at home and everyone was posting using their phone. Out of pure desperation, businesses were posting anything just to be online. The problem was, they were posting images that were rubbish. It’s time to fix that up!

Take advantage of the start of a new year to freshen up your Social Media presence. Start by posting images that will stop people from scrolling. The number one way to do that, when posting images that include people, is to use images where the subject is making eye contact with the camera. The first thing anyone looks at when there is a photo with a person, is their eyes. Use that to your advantage. Another way is to use images that “guide the eye”. A perfect example of this are the images below. Your eye will more than likely go to the photo taken from above that’s on the left, it then goes to the writing in the sand, then to the photo against the brick wall and all the way around to the photo of Janelle on the phone. That is guiding the eye and is what stops people from scrolling past your images.

improve your businesses social media using professional photographs

Don’t forget that everyone is now using their phones to upload images to their social media. It’s quick and it’s convenient but it’s also become very boring as everyone is doing the same thing. (Please don’t use those Instagram filters!!) That’s why you have to post quality images. Not only do they stand out from the crowd but they also show your professionalism.

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