Corporate Photographs

Corporate Photographs

Corporate photographs. Just the term instills fear into some people, especially if you just don’t like having your portrait taken. Think of it this way though, do you ever meet a person at a networking event, they give you their business card and their photo on the card looks like it was taken ten years ago? It happens! I know of a person whom I took his corporate portrait in 2001. As of today, that photo is still on his website! Do you think he’s changed a little in almost 20 years? Have you changed at all since 2001? Time gets away from all of us, but 20 years is a bit too long in not updating your portrait.

Look at real estate agents for instance, without fail most agents update their portrait at least once a year. Now here’s an industry that all business owners should look up to when it comes to keeping their image fresh. When real estate agents meet a potential client, that person sees them as they are today, and from the start, they’ve subconsciously built trust. Imagine if that same real estate agent was using a portrait of themselves from 2001 and they meet a potential new client. How much trust do you think that client would put into them? Immediately there would be a sense of doubt in the clients mind because subconsciously they’re thinking, if he/she is trying to pull the wool over my eyes me with their looks, what else will he/she try and lie to me about?

How often should I update?

Relate the above back to yourself and your industry. What messages are you sending out to your clients when they see your corporate portrait? Corporate photographs don’t take to long if they are done by a professional but they can make a huge impact on your business. So how often should they be updated? People who update regularly will update them at least once a year. If your hair style or colour changes though, then your portrait should also be updated. The idea is to keep your image as fresh as possible so your clients see the real you!

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