Corporate Headshots and Personal Branding Sessions.

Corporate Headshots and Personal Branding Sessions.

Corporate Headshots and Personal Branding Sessions

What’s the difference between a corporate headshot and a personal branding session?

Branding Sessions

A branding session tells a story. So in other words, a branding session is photographed in a way that tells the viewer “Hey, this is me and this is what I do” Don’t forget though to be authentic. What does “Be authentic” exactly mean? In the above portrait, Cate is a customer service trainer and an author. Her clients wouldn’t expect to see her at the beach with her books, so photographing her there would have really looked silly. In a relaxed environment though and with her book (which is a great read I might add) makes her branding session authentic. Before photographing any session, I sit down with my client to create an vision of their final goal and from that, I create their session.

Corporate Headshots

So what about a corporate headshot then? A corporate headshot (or corporate portrait as it’s also known) is photographed against a plain background and usually used on business cards, email signatures, for profile pictures etc. So why wouldn’t you use a photo from a branding session on your email signature for instance? Because your email signature is relatively small, as it also is on your profile photo and business card) you want to eliminate distractions and these usually come in the form of the background.

So keep any image that will appear small, as simple as possible. But, for images on your website for instance, let them tell your story! 

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