When was the last time you updated your profile photo? If it’s been more than 12-18 months, it may be time to update. Because you’ll be attending the next Business in Heels Mentor Morning, you can take advantage of this Business in Heels special offer.

Update your profile photo for the special price of $250 incl. GST(Normal price is $390)

You’ll receive two fully edited files to use as you wish. There are many ways you can use the images. Apart from your LinkedIn profile, the images can also be used in things such as:

  • Your email signature.
  • On your business cards.
  • On any marketing material and advertising.
  • On any media releases for events that you might be a part of.
  • In the “About Us” section of your website.

What happens next?

Fill in the form below and register your details. I will contact you and we’ll organise a day and time for you to visit my studio for your session. A $50 deposit is required to secure your session with the balance payable on the day of your session. A link will be sent to you to securely make the $50 payment online. Once booked, I’ll email you a what to wear guide so that you’ll know exactly what will be best to wear. The guide also tells you what to bring along with you as well as other useful information.

But I hate having my photo taken!

Everyone hates having their photo taken! I’ll mention two things here. One. Don’t go into the session thinking you hate having your photo taken because it’ll show. Think positive! Show confidence. Be you! You want everyone that looks at your image to think Wow! Two. Having a professional photo taken is very different to taking a selfie. I’ll guide you with how to pose, smile and everything else and, because you’ll have received my What to wear guide, you won’t have to worry about what to wear and bring. That will all be sorted for you. Leave all the thinking to me and I’ll get the best out of you.

Ready to do this? Fill in the details below and I’ll contact you to organise your session. Sessions will take place in my studio in Rutland Street, Newtown. I’ll see you at the next Mentor Morning!

Please fill this in if you’d like the tax invoice to be made out to your business. Leave it blank if you’d like the invoice made out to the same name as above.

Payment on the day can be made by credit card. The discounted sessions are only available to attendees of the Mentor Morning Sessions and are not transferable to others.